Journal Entry No. 71512

I'd like to share some songs that I've been listening to lately.

Linkin Park's new single is great, it's still their sound but updated with a bit of pop dance. Very catchy.

Crave You by Flight Facilities (feat. Giselle)* and Universe by Kids of 88. I discovered these two tracks from watching Teen Wolf, the MTV series. It is almost a complete waste of time. The plot is thin and the characters juvenile. The only consolation is getting to watch Stiles, the sidekick, be completely adorable.

Lastly here is a track from Mondo, the debut album of Electric Guest. The whole album is fantastic, like the vocals on this song.

*If you like it dirty, here is dubstep remix of Crave You:


He is our lover

The artist is a slut
His body is not his when it is on stage
It is the altar and the offering
He is wanton and it is naked and
He is naked in your face:

His neck is taut
His nipples are erect
His hair spreads in his armpits
His dick is limp against his pubes
His belly heaves with desire.

His face is not painted
He paints with his face
His eyes speak and only you know what they say
For there are no words.
The only language he knows:

The raising of the head to receive grace
The quivering of lifted fingers
The rippling of sinew beneath the shoulders
The stretching of the leg
The curving of the feet.

The artist is a slut
He pleases himself with his art,
Not you.


Journal Entry No. 52712

Jimmy 1. As a single man, I compulsively imagine myself in a relationship with almost every new guy I meet. Often it is simply an idle thought, as when I hook up with a one night stand. Sometimes, when the line blurs between fubu and friendship, the speculation is more involved. Only rarely have my musings translated to action, and only tentatively at that. I can count my closest encounters to a relationship on one hand. Which is why I know that Jimmy is special. Never have I pictured myself committed to someone as vividly as I imagine a relationship with him. I was in my house in Cebu last weeked. While doing the dishes I found myself wondering, when the time came, what the best way to tell me parents would be. Should I drop it like a bombshell, I wondered, at dinner for example, just take his hand and announce, "Ma, pa, Jimmy is my boyfriend." Or should I be more subtle, like have him around every weekend until they get it, or not. Their choice. Whichever way, the point is, I have never been more hopeful for the future. Or more unguarded with my feelings. Music: Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel