Journal Entry No. 52712

Jimmy 1. As a single man, I compulsively imagine myself in a relationship with almost every new guy I meet. Often it is simply an idle thought, as when I hook up with a one night stand. Sometimes, when the line blurs between fubu and friendship, the speculation is more involved. Only rarely have my musings translated to action, and only tentatively at that. I can count my closest encounters to a relationship on one hand. Which is why I know that Jimmy is special. Never have I pictured myself committed to someone as vividly as I imagine a relationship with him. I was in my house in Cebu last weeked. While doing the dishes I found myself wondering, when the time came, what the best way to tell me parents would be. Should I drop it like a bombshell, I wondered, at dinner for example, just take his hand and announce, "Ma, pa, Jimmy is my boyfriend." Or should I be more subtle, like have him around every weekend until they get it, or not. Their choice. Whichever way, the point is, I have never been more hopeful for the future. Or more unguarded with my feelings. Music: Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel