Journal Entry No. 11711

in which more of the same shit that passes for my life is detailed, as well as some news.

Cebu was fucking uneventful for me, sure it's a happening town but mostly I stayed at home and whiled away my vacation being dismissive of our latest mongrel. He is an ugly dog really, looks like a jackal that hasn't eaten for weeks, minus the bushy tail. I think there might be a soft spot for the ugly that runs in the family.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened was me crashing my high school friends' Christmas party. Called up someone who was going and asked to tag along, of course he couldn't say no. It was pretty awkward until someone busted out the alcohol and then the party really got going. There was this one drinking game I don't know what it's called but you ask someone a question and they must ask someone else a question. Player drinks if he answers the question, or hesitates in asking someone else a question. Well we made up a bunch of extra rules as we went along, stupid rules really just to get more people drunk, like you have to drink if you ask a "lame" question.

Anyway after a couple of rounds a question comes up which almost makes me choke on the pizza I'm eating. This one guy turns to the guy beside him and says, "They say you're not a real man until you've fooled around with another guy." This catches the guy being asked off-guard and everyone's laughing and saying he should drink when someone points out that it's not really a question. So then it's the guy who asked that drinks instead and then I say that he should answer his own question as well. Which doesn't make a lot of sense since we'd declared it a non-question but we make the guy down another shot to steel his confidence and prod him to answer. So sheepishly grinning he says, "I would have liked to but I've never had the chance..." and then he laughs and everyone else laughs as well and I'm the only one who doesn't get the joke. FUCKING STRAIGHT GUYS. I spend the next few nights fucking him while I jack off. I hope he feels like a real man now.

So I've been in Manila for two weeks and the past four weekends have found me in O bar getting drunk as hell it's not funny anymore. The guys that stand out:

1. Lacoste shirt, so-called because when I first saw him two months ago he was wearing a white Lacoste shirt that showed off his fitness. He was wearing an oversize black TOKYO shirt and a trucker cap and his hair was longer but he was still fine as hell. As I was leaving I met him coming back from the restroom and he said Going home so early? which was totally random as the first thing you say to a stranger but maybe not so random considering this moment from two months ago: after spending the better half of an hour sitting next to each other not talking, I get up to move somewhere else when he grabs my hand and pulls me back onto the seat.

2. Ceasar who I see at the club all the time. It's probably around 4 so I'm tired from all the dancing and just trying to drink my beer in peace. He sits himself on a chair next to mine and introduces himself. We shake hands and then he kisses me. Some guys are just too fucking forward. Also other guys are just too fucking easy.

3. Kurt and Stan. Stan reminds me of a guy I had classes with back in college. Short and slim but with wide shoulders and they even dress the same - small emo shirt, tight jeans, trucker cap. This guy is no emo, he has a boyish angelic beautiful face and it's just too bad cos I hit on Kurt first, who's also hot, just in a different way. I find out that Kurt lives not far from me so when he offered to share a cab I knew where we were going. Dropped by Banchetto to grab some breakfast (I got tapas, some bacon, and an omelet) which is becoming a habit. When we got home we were so full we couldn't sleep yet so we watched some TV. I was lying on the couch with my head on his lap and that was how I fell asleep, with his dick poking my head. We woke up late in the afternoon and finished up. He stood at the doorway watching me as I left. When I was halfway down the hallway to the elevator he called out Hey guy, what's your name again?
I couldn't believe it. I looked back at him and he had something like a smirk on his face, or whatever, but he was just too cute so I said Drew. Goodbye. And he said, Goodbye, Drew. Take care.

One more Friday and one more Saturday like this and I'm done, or at least I hope so. I'm going to go back to Cebu and I'm gonna be a good boy. Had a job interview this morning and I felt it went well, a feeling which doesn't really count since I'm pretty worthless at feelings; most of the time I get them all wrong. At least I'll know if I get into the second round of interviews within the week. If I don't, I'll find out next week. After that, it won't matter anyway.

Take care.


  1. We woke up late in the afternoon and finished up.

    finished up what?


  2. Kurt sounds like a serial fucker. lol. and oh i'd love to have the balls to admit i don't know the name of the guy im having sex with. i just pretend to know.

  3. Ternie, finished sleeping! =P

    Eon, you're too nice. Haha

  4. Hope I'd see you in Cebu. At one of the Banilad bars? Soon?

  5. hahaha... i know the feeling. sometimes you just have to brush it off... goodluck sa interview!