For your edufication edifycation edification, a manifesto on how to bond so well with another guy he'll let you into his pants afterwards: g0ydar.

Here are a few salient or otherwise entertaining excerpts.
"This is why the best g0y relationships begin as friendships & go deeper over time.  Done with self control & respect over time -- the other guy will love you on a level that also makes the friendship very deep, intimate & usually -- these emotions are aired privately because of the nakedness of self disclosure."
"Homophobia is not the fear of intimacy with other guys.  It's the fear of being labeled an "arse-pounder" & being stripped of your masculine reputation (& ultimately your respect)." 
"Two buddies helping each other pump out a wad is the closest bonding experience that best friends can share.  Be naked without shame & he will be too." 
This one is particularly precious:
"The most erotic & powerful sexual responses are those that happen without you trying to make them happen.  After all, your dick knows what to do & the two of them up against each other soon engage in their own form of communication that kinds takes both guys along for the ride.  Slow & sensual; --- the total opposite of what is portrayed in most gAy porn where one guys uses the arse of the other like a man-sized masturbation tool (how shallow is that).  G0YS know that the orgasm that happens while rod2rod / face2face (called PhROT or FROT) often happens without anyone having to "try".  All that skin on skin acts like a large sex organ ... like your whole body becomes a sensory extension of your penis; -- & all the hairs on the 2 dudes' bodies scratch, tickle & feedback on each other.  This is why PhROT generated orgasms are so intense.  It's a body-wide sensation, with the focus at site of the grand-mauling set of dicks; -- Incredibly bonding.  The unspoken message to each guy from the other is: "YOU get me off; - not just your cock".  You don't get more honest & loving with another dude than to lose control & cumm like a stallion around him.  It's the most primal compliment I can imagine....saying love, trust & acceptance all at the same time (especially if you watch the dudes expression as he loses his nutt)."
Read past the ignorance, naiveté, and self-delusion in the article and you'll see it's pretty good advice on having great relationships with other guys.


  1. ohhhh i wanna be in a goy relationship too!
    wow, it's the first time ive heard about this crapola and i want to believe it already

  2. found the site and thought it was entertaining.

  3. Orally, it's the dream baby!

    Engel, I'm sure the pictures were very very entertaining. :D

  4. well i think the advice is spot on if the relationship remains primarily at the level of the reptilian part of the brain. but, i think something is missing with respect to the limbic/mammalian parts of the brain and the emotions.

  5. okay so i clicked the link and the website confused me.