Journal Entry No. 31011

Well, yesterday was my first day of work at the new job. I got the office really fucking early. Like people 'have' to be there at 8 am, but I arrived like a quarter before. So I ended up sitting in the conference room by myself for a while. Good thing Carlie was there really early too. She handles key accounts here. First impressions; she seems really nice, a bit brusque in her movements for a girl, but I think she is a lady. A boy scout lady maybe. She chatted with me for a while about my schedule and then she turned me over to HR for my personnel orientation.

The HR lady showed me some Power Point slides about the company, the org structure, the products, etc. And then the coup de grace - the Employee Code of Discipline. In which she read to me almost the whole handbook. It was godawful boring! There was only one section that interested me really: the one on sexual harassment. Apparently, it is considered inappropriate to ask a fellow employee about his sexual activities or preferences. There is one accounts guy who is gay. He is not loud but he is flamboyant a bit. I'll see whether anyone treats him different, or if there's any gay ribbing etc.

After HR it was back to the sales office for more orientations. Berna explained the reporting system we have to use. She's one of those girls who you can say are really cutesy. You could say she is on the opposite end of the scale compared to Carlie. Funny thing is they are roommates. Ha! Anyway, there was a part of her explanation where it just got to me, how slowly she was speaking and how it was all so cutesy; plus there was a totally awesome Mario figure on her desk (and I'm not really a big fan of Mario I missed that part of my childhood but all of the sudden the guy just seemed so fucking adorable with his huge eyes) and the cuteness factor just overwhelmed me and I started giggling uncontrollably. Berna was looking at me like why the fuck was I laughing was anything she said funny? And I felt bad for her because obviously she thinks I'm laughing at her but I managed to say that Mario looked so funny and she just looked at him and back at me and I swear, if she was the type with arching eyebrows she would have arched them, but she wasn't so she didn't, we just went back to the lesson.

And then there were two talks on accounting stuff which were just marginally interesting because they were things I ought to do eventually. It was a mishmash of things really, because the manager who was supposed to do the sales orientation was really busy. We decided instead to tackle all of the admin stuff first and that was it. 5 pm came around and with nothing else to do, I asked if I could go home. The manager was really apologetic for not being able to spend time with me, and then he made some comment about how I should enjoy this lack of anything to do while it lasts, and then he gave me his blessing to leave. So I left.

You guys listen to this awesome trippy haunting remix.


  1. not bad for a first day. wait til the actual work comes. hehehe

  2. may the rest of your work days be a breeze. ;)

  3. It's just beginning lol

  4. I should keep in mind not to bore employees while doing my (hopefully) future work. :P

  5. can you imagine them having harrasment policies?;)