Journal Entry No. 40211

Sit in the park and watch fish glide across the lagoon like iron filings tracing a magnetic field.

Sit in the park in the early evening when the breeze doesn't know yet that it's summer and still pebbles the skin.

Sit in the park while distant amplifiers blast disco records at each other.

Sit in the park listening to a stranger beside you introduce himself and desperately attempt conversation.

Sit in the park and watch lonely men, hungry men with searching eyes, play the game.

Welcome to Bacolod.


  1. Aren't you going to join them, even for a bit? :)

  2. are you a mere observer or are you as they are: lonely, hungry, and players in the game, and the only difference is that you are observing and they are not?

  3. uy baka isa ako dun sa mga un hehehe

  4. Kakaiba ka, wag kang sumama sa kanila. tama si Spiral, observer ka, that makes you different

  5. Hey. Just stumbling through. I know a thing or two about Bacolod. But I never expected this. Hehehe.

  6. the world seems more crisp with how you describe it. i like your knack for observation=)