On the bus this morning

My favorite kind of sex is the Princeton rub. For one thing, it's safer than penetration. More than that, there is something so aggressively masculine about the sensation of another man's member pressing against mine that drives me nuts.

I led Mark down the unlighted path behind F- Hall. 

"You seem to know your way in the dark quite well. I bet you've brought a dozen other guys here. It feels weird being here with all these plants around." He can't seem to shut up. I think the dark is making him nervous. "Are you sure the guards don't come here?"

I stop, turn around, and kiss his mouth shut. I encircle his lower back with my right arm and press him towards me. I can feel his hard-on through the thick roughness of our jeans. I push against him. Mark groans and I kiss him harder. I wedge a knee between his legs for better balance. We're grinding against each other now. He unbuckles my belt and pulls down my zipper. I'm wearing my black bikini brief. He grabs my bulge and squeezes. Oh yeah. He drops his shorts too and now it's cotton against cotton. Smoother. Softer. Warmer. Mark raises his arms and I pull his shirt off. His nipples are erect in the cold night. He runs his hands up my chest and takes off my shirt. We pull each other close. Chest against chest. Skin against skin. Hardness against hardness. I can't stand it. We rock together harder, building into a frenzy that stretches out into unbelievable minutes until we finally melt into each other.

Frot is wonderful. Today though, I discovered that buns against buns feels just as good. The bus I take in the morning is always very crowded, possibly worse than the metro. And unfortunately for me, by the time it gets to my stop, it's always already very full, so I have to do my best to slip myself into any crack or crevice I can find. This gives me a lot of opportunity for physical contact, a tiny reminder that I am alive... Anyway, this morning I found myself back to back with a short skinhead in skintight black jeans. Getting on the bus, I did not have much opportunity to cruise him since I immediately turned my back to him but after a few bumps on the road, boy did I start paying attention. His ass felt firm and plump against mine. I could feel the sloping down towards his cleavage and it was warm, oh so warm. We spent all of the thirty-minute ride bumping asses (subtly grinding maybe?) and I almost could not resist turning round and squeezing his cheeks for all they were worth. I'm glad my sister was with me or I would have found myself in a very embarrassing situation.

Update: In a wicked coincidence, I saw bus boy on my way home last night! Was that some kind of sign? I suppose if it happens one more time I'll have to make a grab for it. You know what they say about threes...


  1. frot-frot ang drama.

    just have lube on hand. skin burn is a bitch! lolz

  2. teka, i just realized.

    the unlit path behind...f(aura) hall?!!!



  3. Faura hall? Where's that?

    Also, one more word out of you and I'm going to have to put you away. :P

  4. Oh, wow, cool!

    But totally hot!

    Just bring any form of lubricant. Friction is painful if done forcefully or in your case, too much. :)

  5. HOT HOT HOT!!!

    and damn that bumping asses thingy hahhaha, i have never engaged into public transpo wickedness!! :P

  6. Guyrony, sweat is great as a lubricant, not to mention sexy!

    Soltero, the things that happen to me are not half as wicked as what you get yourself into!

    Ternie, :-*

  7. bumping asses. geez. hindi dapat kita makasabay sa public transpo.

  8. frot. princeton rub. learned new words today.

    thanks! :)

  9. Arkin, bakit naman? I'm sure I'll make you change your mind. ;)

    Engel, you're welcome, and thanks for an idea!