On getting lost

I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time with Ella this past month. We've been acquainted for a while now and we've even hung out a couple of times but we were just that - acquaintances - until three weeks ago when we got really drunk liberated ourselves from our inhibitions and I came out to her and she spilled her heart out on the deal with her and Neil. I love Neil (as a friend) and Neil loves her (as more than friends) so much so that he's been courting her for n number of years already, where n is greater than the number of years I was infatuated with Erica but less than the number of years I loved Rina. That's three girls in one paragraph and we all know that this blog isn't about girls so moving on...

Ella introduced me to her colleague Lee last week. Lee is cute in a boyish kind of way and shorter than I am (I like that). Best of all, Lee likes me, or so Ella says. I added him on Facebook yesterday and we started chatting. Part of that goes:

16:45 Me: It's so hot I want to pop open a can of Beer Below Zero and take a bath in it.
16:47 Lee: Okay, game! My officemates and I are drinking at the bar down the street later.
17:03 Lee: We're off to get wasted now. It was nice chatting with you!

So I decide (foolishly?) that that was an invitation and head off to Makati after work.

20:00 I ask my trusty side-kick to drop me off at the Salcedo Park, if for no other reason than that I have no idea where exactly Lee's office is and I think it seems like a good start. Actually, I do know what the street is like. It's got a 7-11 at the corner. Unfortunately, upon walking into a random 7-11 and asking if there are any other branches nearby, I discover to my dismay that they've put up stores on every other block of the CBD. I decide to walk in ever-widening circles around Salcedo Park, hoping to stumble upon the right street.

20:15 Still walking in circles. I wonder why I didn't get his number.

20:30 I get the genius idea to ask Neil where Ella's office is. I find out that it is in the opposite side of the CBD. I give myself a congratulatory pat on the back.

20:45 I find the right street. Suddenly I am attacked by apprehension seized by doubt. What the hell will Lee think of me suddenly showing up? It isn't like he actually invited me to show up. But wasn't his message to me something of an invitation? I decide that a cigarette will steel my resolve.

20:55 I walk into the bar. No one's there.

Was I relieved? Or disappointed? Neil texts me:

Neil: So did you find the place?
Me: Yes, but they've already left.
Neil: Awww. So what's going to happen to you now?
Me: I don't know I might just decide to die of sadness. Either that or I go home. I'm still weighing my options.
Neil: Right. I don't believe they're not there anymore.

I can't believe even my best friends are always suspicious of me.

PS. If you were in Lee's place, what would you think about my showing up?


  1. ooh, so that's what "running after the prince" means :)

    hmm, actually, it's pretty scary if you're like new acquaintances pa lang. but if he really likes you (i.e. dreaming of you), that's 1k plus pogi points :)

  2. @arkin: well, this isn't literally what i had in mind, but yes, you could say it is. haha. :))

  3. i'd be surprised and won't know what to do. but that's just me. i guess.

  4. that's tough. i think his statement sounded like an invitation. would've been nice if u had each other's number para di magkawalaan. hehe

    re:salcedo park love that place! it's my noisy/quiet place lol

  5. I'll be surprised din if ever ako nasa place niya, but madali lang naman gumawa ng kwento on how you to meet dba, i guess d rin prob yun, prob lang yun pag d siya interrested sayo

  6. @engel: Clueless effect pala? Complete with wide-eyed shock?

    @citybuoy: Same here! I think Salcedo Park is lovely.

    @thecuriouscat: Tama ka, madali lang magimbento ng kwento. Magaling pa naman ako dun kaya kampante ako. Haha.

  7. trying to read your entries...
    On your P.S., I'd think "Aha! You fell into the trap? Now, how do I invite you to bed... Hmmmm...?"

  8. Lonewulf kung ikaw si Lee, you wouldn't have to think very hard. Papayag ako kaagad. Haha.

  9. Okay magbook sa ko ug flight ha. Ingna si jap didto lang siya tulog kay boyfriend next weekend. Hihihi