On seeing the world through a child's eyes

I apologize for the picture video above - I wanted to share an amazing video but embedding was disabled. I know I could have just linked to it but you would have had no warning of the unbearably adorable cuteness that was to follow. The video is of a 3 year old boy reciting the poem Litany by Billy Collins. I swear, he is such an amazing performer.

The poem is terribly sensual - there's enough color and sound and motion to overwhelm your senses - and to hear it recited so innocently feels refreshingly different. It shook me from some weird notion linking physical sensation to sexuality and reminded me again of the childish delight in discovering the world.


  1. Hang cute! Kinurot ang puso ko, swear.

  2. wow! there were lines na pati mata nya nag emote! nice kid! (pero medyo gusto kong magligpit sa room nya!)

  3. You will always be the bread and the knife,
    not to mention the crystal goblet and--somehow--the wine.ohhhhhhh
    (always looking forward to the video you'd post after "how to be alone")

  4. I loved this. Haaaaaaaaaang cuuuuuuute!!!

  5. Di ko maimagine na 3 yrs old pa lang ang nagpopoem. Nice and cute nga. Bibo kid hehehe!