On how to get sick

Friday night

I invite my friends over to the condo to drink. It is supposed to be a housewarming party but because I'm lame there are only three of us at this party. We decide to watch Glee while waiting for more people to come. Two episodes and three beers later, two other friends arrive bearing vodka so we switch to the hard drinks. We stop watching Glee as well and watch Kick Ass instead. I thought it was really funny but around the part where Hit Girl kills the gangsters I decide to go up to my room and sleep. I do this on the floor because my mattress is watching Kick Ass downstairs.


I wake up to find a text message from my boss: You cn do haf day in Mafbex 2day. C- wil be there.

This makes me so happy I could jump for joy out of bed. Except I'm not sleeping on a bed but on the floor so there's really nothing to jump out of. I decide to jump down the last three steps of the stairs instead. I take a shower, wash the dishes, look for food, fail, then head off to the World Trade Center in Pasay. The day goes by real slowly but not unbearably so. There are enough customers to keep me entertained. Not so much eye candy and by the afternoon, my standards get lower and lower. I do remember a gay couple stopping by the booth beside ours. They look to be in their late twenties, buffed, and not overly handsome but fine nevertheless. When they leave, I hassle the sales rep for details: they've been partners for several years already and together operate a business. Hay. I would like to be one of them someday. The only other customer I really remember is a woman who I guess to be in her thirties. She walks past the booth and then does a double-take, approaches me and asks the most random questions about our products. Then she asks for my name. Hahaha. If I were more fast-thinking I would have given her my card as well but I'm not, I've been thrown off guard and I can only look at her retreating back with a stupid smile on my face. The ego boost keeps me alive until we close up at eight. We sold a ton of stuff, but not the one we joined to exhibit!

Saturday night

When I get home, I take off my suit, leave the keys on the mantel, and call out "Honey I'm home." My wife in her pretty little apron calls out from the kitchen, "Dinner's ready" and when I walk in my three kids are seated on the chairs waiting for me. They run to me and kiss me on the cheek and say "Good evening daddy." But that's not me, I'm one of those kids when I was younger. What really happens when I get home is that I go straight to the kitchen and get a beer from the fridge and I flop down on my mattress which is still in the living room and I pop open the beer and drink it. I do all of this in the dark because I can. Also, I like to conserve energy. Five minutes of staring at a dark wall I get bored so I go upstairs and my sister is on the computer. It is 10 o'clock. We watch the first episode of Kara no Kyokai (Boundary of Emptiness) and in it eight girls commit suicide and I feel no sympathy for these girls at all. Wanting to watch something more engaging we decide to watch Glee instead. We're still an the first two episodes but already I am in love with Schuester. And then it's 12 midnight so I greet my sister a happy birthday and go off to party.


Quite an interesting night. I grind with a lesbian, get turned down by a tranny, and have a short but sweet conversation that begins with: "Kanina ka pa nakangiti ah. Naka-unli ba yan?" Also, there is now one person who I want to see and two who I prefer not to.


Mostly I just sleep.


  1. hahah damn..
    and musta nman ung drinking party, Glee ang pinapanood ahaha :P

  2. therapeutic read. :) after a long day in school, gosh i need this.