On the third day of clubbing (part 2)

I don't even stop to consider. Like a lamb to the slaughter, I let Edwin lead me up. We dance like crazy. After a while Edwin slips away but I'm too carried away to notice. A group of young guys egg me on. They're taking turns screaming and making hipo me like I'm a go-go boy. I'm twenty something pounds short of qualifying for the position but if it floats their boat, I'm glad to bask in their attention. The real go-go dancer looks at me with what-the-hell-is-this-guy-thinking written in his eyes. Well, okay, I didn't see his eyes but that's what I thought he was thinking. I don't care. The go-go dancer is replaced by a woman. I still don't care. I grind with her, my hands all over her, grazing her breasts and her ass until she can't take it anymore.

"Tangina malibog 'to. Kuya, bading ka ha," she reminds me while pushing me away and down the ledge. I just laugh and keep on dancing.

Back on the dance floor, I see Edwin again.

"Where did you go?" He says something but I don't hear.

I give him my best pa-cute smile. "I missed you."

He laughs. "Thanks for dancing with me tonight." I don't realize that he's saying goodbye.

"No problem." I don't think that was the best thing to say, but it's an automatic response. Because yeah, I'm polite like that. Edwin slips away again and I'm by myself again, but not for long.

I grab the guy beside me and start dancing with him. Cute lopsided smile. He's wearing a sleeveless shirt that displays his biceps to great advantage. Jackpot. The dancing starts to get dirtier. I run my hands up inside his shirt. He grabs my ass. I turn him around and grind into him from behind. I kiss his neck, and then his ears. I run my tongue along his jawline and he twists to face me so my mouth lands on his. Pucha. Our tongues battle it out while we suck face. And this guy takes it very seriously, literally giving me inverse mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Ako naman, ayaw patalo, so I give him a run for his money by sucking back. I think we might have created a near-vacuum in our mouths. Still, no one is giving in and breaking the kiss. I don't think we're even dancing anymore. I get the crazy idea to pull up his shirt. He doesn't resist. I can hear the college gays hooting, shouting "show!" and we give them what they want. He takes his shirt off completely and then takes mine off. Glistening with sweat we grind hard, still kissing each other. I slip my hand into his shorts and massage his ass. He does the same, but his fingers are too inquisitive and I don't like it. I pull his hands out, put my shirt back on, and tell him I'm going out for a while. I can feel my thighs start to cramp and I'm thirsty.

My legs feel like lead as I make my way out. I cross the street to buy a bottle of C2 but they only have mineral water left. The boy says it's 25 pesos. I pull out a 20 from my wallet. "Pwede 20 na lang?" I ask. The boys says yes. Immediately I think that my money must have been a 50 and not a 20 after all but my thighs are hurting so bad now so I make my back to the outdoor tables and sit down for a while. I drink half the bottle in one gulp and almost pour the rest of it on my head because I'm feeling really hot.

As soon as I feel my muscles loosen up I head back in to find my kissing guy. He's right where I left him. I'm wary about my legs giving in so I content myself with sitting on the bar chair for a while. I pull him in for another kiss. Grabe di talaga kami nagsawa. After some time he breaks away and pulls me to the restrooms. We kiss some more and try to jerk off but I'm too distracted by the queue I imagine is forming outside. I button up and go out and feel relieved because there is no queue after all. My kissing guy follows me out and back to the dance floor. We hug for a bit and then he says he'll be right back. I notice that the place is almost empty. I go outside and disintegrate in the daylight it's already morning.

Remembering my resolution to not hook up in Malate, I made my way home.

PS. The street kids there are kinda scary pala, they were so kulit asking me for money. As I was walking to Taft on Nakpil this one kid was literally hanging on to my leg while begging and then I noticed his fingers were trying to wiggle into my pocket na pala. I was so pissed I wanted to punch him but instead I said, "wag na nga kayo baka dumaan pa dito ang mobile" and the other kid just replied, "di kami takot dun, babatuhin lang namin yun." They really wouldn't give up so to be safe, I turned back na lang and went one block up.


  1. pampam ka.

    well, slight lang.


  2. i live in malvar-orosa, grabe lang, ang dami talagang nagaganap one block away from me. hanggang silya lang ako, pademure at videoke magisa and snob forever!

    owel, kakadaan ko lang ng orosa-nakpil. at wala akong matinong comment because im so sabaw.

    pero yun, malandi ka. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA