On the third day of clubbing

I graduated to dancing on the ledge. But lets take it from the beginning.

The night started quietly enough. Being the n00b that I am I arrived at the club tres early; there were only ten people inside when I waltzed in and for a moment I froze as ten heads swiveled in my direction. I quickly got over my stage fright and walked over to the bar to get a beer. I found myself a corner to stand in while I soaked up the beat. The fever started in my feet, spread to my hands, then to my shoulders and head. I was in a trance. My less adventurous and self-doubting atler-ego tried to convince me that I looked stupid dancing all by myself but I shut him up and closed my eyes and danced on. When I opened my eyes again the club was almost full so I started cruising.

I did some warm-ups with the chinito guy standing across from me. His name was Bobby and he made kitchen equipment and would I like to try his drink? It was a vodka mixer with too much juice and not enough vodka.

"Vodka is so much better when you drink it straight, but then we're not straight are we?" I said, and I thought that was very clever but in hindsight it was very very lame. Not as lame though as Bobby reporting back to his friend every five minutes. Was he actually repeating our conversation to his friend? And was that his friend saying "ok lang" and making the ok sign with his hand? Whatever. Bobby came back.

"So do you know how to cook?"

"Not really."

"Dude, you make the stuff, you should know how to use it!"

"Well, I know how to spend."

I laughed. "That's good too."

"Would you like more of the vodka?"

"Yes," I said, but he never did buy me the drink.

i wanna dance with you - m4m
Date: 2010-06-15, 11:09AM

saw you near the entrance with your friend. tall, fair-skinned, and looking good in that tight black shirt, I couldn't help but notice you.

I was standing across the DJ's booth, right at the part where the floor is stepped up. looked your way several times and I think you looked at me too. don't know why but I only smiled once and maybe you smiled back but I'm not sure.

see you this saturday.
  • Location: malate
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I went and got myself another beer. Coming back I found my spot in front of the mirror taken. Nonplussed I shouldered myself in. Haha I am such a sonofabitch sometimes. I scanned the entrance again but black muscle shirt was gone. In his place was a tall chinito older guy who reminded me of my classmate in English class. Glass of something blue in hand, he was standing by himself looking hesitant to dance. Every once in a while, I'd see him bob his head and shake his shoulders but otherwise he was so reserved. The effect was very cute.

"You shouldn't be standing all the way back there," I shouted at him. Of course the music killed whatever I said but he must have seen me mouth something and point at him because he smiled and raised his glass.

I smiled back and made my way to his side. "I said, you're too cute to be be standing back here. Let's go and dance."

"But my drink."

"Let me help you with that."

He brought the glass to my lips and tipped everything into my mouth. I managed to drink most of it but the rest got on my shirt and the floor. Whatever.

"Let's go." He led me to the dance floor and we started to dance.

"What's your name, by the way?"

"Drew. What's yours?" 

I don't remember what he says so let's call him Edwin.

"Why me?" He asks out of the blue.


"Why did you choose me?"

"Kailangan pa ba mag fish?" I put my hands around his waist.

"Meganon talaga?" and then "would you like another drink?"


When the waiter comes back Edwin makes me drink it in one go.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" (I know it's so cliche but I'm kinda sabaw na by now)

He just smiles at me. "Pare why me?" Grabe this guy is so kulit talaga ha.

"Because I'm random. Everything in life is arbitrary." I tend to philosophize when I'm drunk. "And because you're hot," I add almost as an afterthought.

"I don't think I'm hot."

"You probably need to get new mirrors then."

He laughs. "Let's dance on the ledge."

(to be continued)


  1. Another one in the making. Malate boys, let the initiation begin!

  2. "Pare why me?" bwahahha....
    dunno if he's just naive, or just fishing for compliments but, why ask?
    ahahha JUST DANCE! :P

  3. Ternie, parang Wowowee lang!

    Guyrony, will this initiation involve spanking? ;)

    Soltero, sometimes people really are oblivious to how attractive they are. It's endearing in a way naman.