On Independence Day, a love letter

Lyubimaya strana, mahal kong Pilipinas,

Je t'aime forte. I love you in your innocence and your exuberant youth. I love you for your beauty, your regal crown, your onyx eyes, your chocolate skin. I love your broad shoulders and the silent pride with which you carry your struggles, always with a smile on your face. Who can resist the impish curl of your lips and your relentless humor? When you laugh it is as the church bells ringing bold and clear. I would give anything to hear your laughter and to see you happy. How I treasure the moments we are together; and when we are apart nothing is more forward in my thoughts than the desire to be in your arms again, to lay my head against your chest and hear your heart beat in time with mine.

Until next we meet, my tenderest regards.

Forever yours,

Your faithful and loving servant,


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